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Various Institutions of Satsang (contd.)

The objective was that the learner would truly become educated and not merely literate holding degrees with hardly any common sense. Education, Sree Sree Thakur felt, should nurture a pupil’s individual specific specification, mold his character and conduct so that after graduating from college he can fend for himself standing on his learning, without having to frantically search or beg for an employment. A teacher, he felt, apart from being a master in his own subject would be an Ideal-centric person, able to inspire and motivate. He laid emphasis on practical hands-on training and technical education. Sree Sree Thakur’s own children were among the earliest students of this school. Later Satsang College was also established, the functioning of which has now been handed over to the government. Today Satsang Tapovan Vidyalay boasts of a huge campus complete with playground, hostel and other facilities. The girls’ school, now named Vinapani Vidyamandir, has its own separate premises and facilities.

At Satsang 'Dutdeepti Charitable Hospital' thousands of people are treated free of cost. Patients with financial distress are given medicines. During acute water crisis in the long summer months in the region the organization tries to mitigate the suffering of the people using its own reserve and facilities.

The Ashram situated at Satsangnagar has large buildings with rooms and dormitories where people from different places of India and abroad can stay during their visits to the Ashram. The Ashram has a free kitchen named 'Anandabazar' introduced by Sree Sree Thakur's Mother decades back in Pabna with the support of his own household for those who visit the Ashram and who stay there permanently. It has been offering very simple lunch and dinner daily to the Ashramites and to lakhs during Utsavs and festivals.

Satsang organizes football tournaments, annual sports, cultural competitions among children, painting exhibitions in consonance with its express support for every normal mode of sports and culture that give healthy enjoyment to body and mind. Often plays are staged in its own auditorium by enthusiastic youths of the Ashram including members of Sree Sree Thakur’s family though theatre groups invited from Kolkata also sometimes perform.

Satsang has a library also, named 'Amardyuti Vidi Mandir', with a good collection of books. The Philanthropy with its large computerized set-up is the main administrative facility. It has various departments to administer the requirements of the vast organization and the devotees of Sree Sree Thakur. The Ashram has a huge cowshed. One of the most conspicuous features of the Ashram is the indulgence the green enjoys here. The existence of green has never been sacrificed to the process of continuous development, rather nurtured and encouraged with great sympathy. The trees and the innumerable gardens of the Ashram indicate that man and nature have an inseparable inter-dependent cohabitation here. Apart from the lush lawns and captivating flowers that may take one’s breathe away with their splendor, there is a sprawling garden here, albeit a little away from the main compound, where medicinal plants are grown.

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