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His Parents

His father Sivachandra was an honest, simple, straightforward and pious man.  He was an extremely kind-hearted man who always tried to reach out to the needy. 

Revered Father Shivchandra Chakravarty

His mother Manomohini Devi was a woman of great personality. After meeting her, Mahatma Gandhi remarked, ‘I have never seen such a masterful woman in my life.’ 

Revered Mother Manomohini Devi

She was extremely devout from her childhood. When she was a little girl, she had the vision of a holy name and a saintly man who later, in real life, initiated her to that very holy name. The saintly man was no other than His Holiness Sree Sree Hujur Maharaj of Radhasoami cult of Dayal Bag Satsang based in Agra. Manomohini Devi prayed to her spiritual teacher for a son with Godly qualities. It seems her prayers were truly answered. But how many could guess that this child was one day to hold aloft the light of life to those groping desperately in darkness for a flicker of light and of hope, and slipping downwards towards dark death? That he in words and deeds would become the living shelter of the homeless, to the distressed and those who on the path of life found themselves lost? Or that, through his unending love, unfathomable knowledge, unmatched wisdom and incredible abilities beyond our imagination, he would surpass man’s previous conceptions or ideas of God or Advent — the Prophet, and above all the concept of Dharma.




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