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His Messages

Apart from conversing and talking with people for hours, Sree Sree Thakur came out with messages, pertaining to being and becoming, both in verse and prose forms. These inspired sayings, covering a wide variety of topics viz. varnashram, eugenics, marriage, genetics, complex, Ideal, Dharma, politics, education, industry health and hygiene and much more, gushed forth at unexpected hours from him like the sacred waters of the Ganga from the cavernous bosom of the Himalayas. These holy dictations with hints at attaining life blissful and life divine in this very life flowed from him as spontaneous outpourings both in Bengali and English and were instantly copied by some disciples who took dictation-writing to the height of immaculate art with their dedication and perfection. These ambrosial sayings of the Master run into thousands and the grandeur and depth of the language cannot but surprise one.

Till the very end of his life on 27 January, 1969, this endeavor to extend to every human being the holy tricks of life, of existence, of being and becoming, continued and is still continuing through the tradition of Acharyas who bear the sacred blood and legacy of Him. In accordance with his wishes, after his demise, his eldest son Sree Amarendranath Chakravarty (Sree Sree Borda) was chosen as the head of the organization, the Pradhan Acharya of Satsang, the normal successor of his father—whose words and wishes he absorbed into his own life through unflagging service, love and adherence—and to lead in the physical absence of Sree Sree Thakur the vast multitude who suddenly felt themselves emotionally destitute at the departure of their Lord and throw light to them. Sree Sree Borda, as he was addressed by others, standing tall in the face of high wind raised by the separatist forces in the organization, took up the reins, withstood the storm of opposition and slandering, dispelled all fears and doubts from the minds of the disciples, and with firm steps walked ahead with the holy responsibility of the Lord Sree Sree Thakur on his sturdy shoulders. He with his words and deeds became the very embodiment of trust, inspiration and conviction. After his mortal departure his eldest son Sree Ashok Chakravarty (Sree Sree Dada) in accordance with his expressed wish has become the chief helmsman of Satsang whose wonderful foresight and inspirational ability have helped spread the Holy Name of Sree Sree Thakur, his messages of life, being and becoming, to even the remotest part of India. He, at the age of 83, is tirelessly travelling hundreds of miles with his sons, talking for hours, motivating people to enjoy the life divine in this very life, translating the messages of Sree Sree Thakur and writing inspired songs to fulfil his responsibility towards his Beloved Lord with single-minded devotion.

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