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His Love: mighty, yet motherly

From his very childhood he had a deep ingenuous sympathy for everyone he came across, especially those who were afflicted and suffering. But his sympathizing did not find satisfaction in sitting quietly and shedding idle tears. He would actively try to mitigate their suffering and would not sit quiet until he was able to provide some relief to the sufferer. Once he wore to his village school a costly winter garment given to him by a well-to-do relative. And in the school he tore it into a long piece of cloth so that a number of boys could sit with comfort on it to stave off the biting cold of the mud floor.

He would often give away his clothes and other belongings to the needy. More than once he returned from school without any clothes on his person and to the shocked query of his mother and grandmother he disclosed that he had given them away to someone in much need of them all. His life is full of such incidents where he has not thought even once of himself while helping others in distress. He never did these as a conscious effort at social work but from an innate urge, often as impromptu decisions that occurred naturally to him. He would feel restless at the misery of others. Even while passing his late teens in Kolkata studying medicine amid great hardship—he had to live in a coal-godown with coolies—this glowing nature of extending himself in selfless service to others never for a moment deserted him. A youth from a respectable family, instead of holding the coolies to contempt, he would wash their clothes and treat them with medicine and slowly ushered into their base life-style filled to the brim with filth the stench of which would even reek through their words, concepts like hygiene and cleanliness hitherto unknown to them. Thus winning their hearts with his service he tried to wean them away from the dirty habits they were used to with easy yet alert love with such effect that they became extremely fond of him and could not imagine life without him. When he would return home they would take him to the steamer jetty and on the day of his return would wait for him collectively. Such was the impact of his mighty love and service.

One day he had very little money left with him with which he planned to have a little cheap food. Suddenly a friend of his came and asked for some help and Anukulchandra gave away all that he had. The next two days he remained on water alone and walked miles to attend the theory class, the dissection class and to return home. On the third day he became extremely ill from unbearable pain in the stomach. Taking pity at his condition a senior student of the same college administered a little sodium-bi-carbonate to him. Fortunately that worked very well on him.

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