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His love for His Mother

One of the most strikingly wonderful things about Anukulchandra was his profound love for his mother from his early childhood. There was nothing that he couldn’t do to obey or keep his mother’s wishes. Once displeased with him his mother started chasing him, but could not catch hold of her son who was running way ahead of her. But looking back he suddenly saw his mother panting and sweating as she ran, her face flushed with exhaustion and exasperation. He stopped running instantly and received merciless caning from his mother standing still, trying to relieve her by wiping the sweat from her forehead and fanning her as she went on beating him. Later when his younger brother asked why he had remained standing there foolishly when he could comfortably run away, he replied that it was much easier for him to withstand a little caning than watch his mother suffering.

He was then a student of eighth standard in Pabna Institution. On the day of his mathematics examination, he was a little late and his mother scolded him for this, saying he would not be able to write anything. He hurried towards the school and reached in time. In the examination hall the invigilator found him crying. On being asked Anukulchandra said that he could answer all the questions but if he did, his mother’s words would prove false and he could hardly let that happen. The teacher stood stunned, utterly dumbstruck. The boy returned the answer-sheet blank nonchalantly. However incredible this may sound to others he had such strong sentiments towards his mother that he could accomplish all this with simple-hearted innocence. Even when he grew up, this sentiment towards his mother remained strongly pulsating in him. If anything could budge him a little from his own stand and decisions that were his mother’s words. After his mother’s death he had a mausoleum built in her memory. The loss of his mother dealt a severe psycho-physical blow to him. Even long after she was gone his eyes moistened while he reminisced about her. He would often say that whatever he did, he did from the sheer urge of making her happy.

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