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His Boyhood

From his very childhood this boy showed signs of his mysteriously uncanny abilities and tendencies. One day when he was very young his mother was about to visit a neighbor’s newborn baby. On knowing her intentions child Anukulchandra remarked that it was worthless seeing the baby as it was to die erelong. Though Manomohini Devi was shocked by this ominous utterance, the boy’s words came true as the child did not live more than 18 days. In another incident, an ascetic took shelter in the household of Sivachandra. One day, Manomohini Devi saw him offering Anukulchandra his own meal first and then taking the leftover himself. Shocked and furious at this sight she charged the ascetic of doing such harmful and unholy things to the child and asked him to get out immediately. The ascetic while going out said, “Mother today you are driving me out like this, but how many, I wonder, would you be able to drive away, when thousands will worship your son?”

One day a doctor of Ayurvedic order left some tablets made of the extracts of poisonous herbs to be used for medicinal purposes in the sun to dry. From somewhere the child came running and picked up a handful and chewed before sending them down into his stomach. The physician was horrified and utterly panicked as one single tablet was enough to take away a life. But the boy showed no symptom of any disorder or disturbance, nor did he fall ill even.

There was an elderly man named Hemchandra in this village who had a beautiful garden of which he was very fond. Anukulchandra would often ransack the garden and spoil Hemchandra’s dear flowers for which he would complain to the boy’s mother who will beat Anukulchandra mercilessly but with not much effect. One day Anukulchandra told him that taking such pains for this earthly garden was useless. He should better get ready for the garden in heaven. Not long after this, Hemchandra’s earthly gardening did indeed come to an abrupt end as he began his journey towards the garden beyond.

Sree Sree Thakur at the age of 15.

Birth Place of Sree Sree Thakur and Childhood Home in Himaitpur.


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