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As a Family Man

Another very interesting aspect of his life was that despite leading a very open and overwhelmingly public life he was not negligent in discharging his personal responsibilities as a householder and family-man quite unlike the celebrities and statesmen who lose the smell of normal life as a fall-out of leading an overtly public life. His dealings with his wife were extremely sweet, compassionate and affectionate but never lacking in grandeur. He would often go into the inner part of the house to inquire about what was on the menu or Sree Sree Baroma’s health or just to talk with her for a while. In his dealings with his relations he was equally responsible and sincere. Even his distant relations, some of them on the side of his wife, were directly benefited by him. He kept them in the ashram and as part of his own household. The glare of publicity and attention had nothing to do with his very much normal way of life.

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