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Satsang America promotes practice of the state-of-the-art psyco-physical activities  through Satsang congregation, seminars, home programs, prayers and  meditation. 

Please choose the purpose of your Holy Oblation :

1. Satsang America Temple Expansion :

This fund will be utilized towards the down payment and/or monthly installment of the center.


2. Satsang America Monthly Pledge:

This pledge will go a long way in achieving our goals and give financial stability. This fund will help support all our activities. It does not matter how big or small your contribution is.

Donation can be made in any of the following methods:

1. Donate by Paypal/Debit/Credit Card:

2. Zelle Transfer.

         Email -  

3. Deposit in Chase Bank.

Payable to: Satsang America
Bank Account Number: 426305939

4. Donate by checks payable to SATSANG AMERICA and send it to the following address:

         Satsang America , Inc.  
         PO Box 449 
         Lathrop, CA 95330








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