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A Born Scientist

With deep inquisitive mind and a wonderful power of insightful observation that he possessed as inborn faculties, he could grasp things very easily and see the very roots of them. In those days the students of the village school had to carry among other things, pens and inkpots with them to school. While writing the pens had to be dipped again and again into the inkpot and writing continued. A boring and tiresome process no doubt. To get out of it Anukulchandra made a long hollow inside the country pen which he filled with ink that was to flow through the nib while writing. But no ink came out. After thinking a while he made a little hole and ink started flowing immediately and to control it's flow he put a pin near its mouth. Thus this little boy invented a fountain pen, sitting in a remote corner of a backward village and with no apparent training in science. He was gifted with a natural inquisitive and scientific bent of mind that would enquire deep into the cause of things. What he had, of course, was a deep insight into the matter of things and a profound common sense born of an indomitable urge to plunge into the cause of things, even at that tender age.

Once while travelling in a steamer boat with his father he observed keenly the working of the engine of the boat. Coming back he made a small engine with tin that even started working though without being able to withstand the pressure the container gave way. He often thought why the trees and plants are different from each other. One day, he evulsed many a plant and examined the roots and came to the conclusion that the plants are different because of their seeds. Thus he reached the truth in different matters with his own intense observations and cogitations and developed an amazing common-sense.

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