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Date: August 28, 2017 

Dear Brothers and Mothers,

It is our extreme pleasure to announce the holy command of Param Pujyapad Acharyadeb Sree Sree Dada. The command suggests that we  remit our Ishtavrity and Swastayani Oblation to Satsang America. Specifically, He commanded that we open a new exclusive account under the guidance of Satsang America, which will have privilege to receive such oblations from Devotees. We are also instructed to provide receipt of such remittances ( Arghya Praswasti) as acknowledgements.
Satsang America has opened that exclusive account and is ready to receive your Ishtavrity and Swastayani Arghya.
Satsang America has formed a technical team to make the Istavrity sending process as painless as possible. Until that team figures out all the technical details, please utilize the old style simple process of sending Istavrity as below:

Option 1

         Step 1:   Use this ( Istarghya Deposit Form )  or below Link to fill your details and send the filled details  to email id -

                        ISTARGHYA DEPOSIT FORM     

      Step 2:   Transfer your Arghya Amount electronically (online) using email id -

Option 2

       Step 1: Use the below link or click  Istarghya Deposit Form  to take a print out and fill the details                          

                     ISTARGHYA DEPOSIT FORM

     Step 2: Write a Cheque payable to "SATSANG AMERICA” and please mention ’Istavrity’ in the memo.

    Step 3: Please send the filled Istarghya deposit form and Cheuqe together by post  to this below address

         Satsang America  
         PO Box 360781 
         Milpitas, CA 95036 - 0781 

Please ensure you are receiving your receipts (ARGHYA-PRASWASTI) within 2 weeks of remittance, if not please contact Ghana Shyam Giri at 408 832 1089 or Email us -  at the earliest.

NOTE: All your remittances are Tax exempted, receipts can be used for tax claim while filing TAX.

Receipt will be sent after the checks has been cleared from your bank.
Yours questions and comments to make this process better is requested to send to (Ghana Shyam Giri, SPR).
Asis K. Basu, President


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